Smog Check - California Certified Smog Check Service

A smog check is a diagnostic test done on the exhaust system of your vehicle to determine how may pollutants, and of which type, your vehicle may be emitting, and is only $39.95*

Our certified smog check also includes an assessment of other parts of your vehicle to make sure they are in working order, especially those parts which pertain to emissions control.

During a smog check, a device is connected to the tail pipe while the engine is run to determine the emissions of your vehicle in idle and while being revved. Our technicians also check  to make sure the muffler is in working order, and may check under the hood for proper connection of hoses and pipes.
Emission loads which exceed the state limit, an improperly maintained muffler and exhaust system, or the presence of a "check engine" light can require your vehicle to be repaired and tested again.

Most repairs are relatively simple and do not involve great expense. The repairs are well worth it to ensure that your vehicle is safe and legal. Should repairs be necessary, Elsinore Automotive will retest your vehicle for FREE when repairs are made here by our ASE certified technicians.

Visit the smog test experts at Elsinore Automotive for a quick Smog Check while you wait.

* Smog Check costs: $39.95 for most cars up to 8500# GVWR, plus $8.25 for certificate and $2.00 for electronic certificate sending. Add'l $15 for 1995 vehicles and older for new state required EVAP Test.