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At Elsinore Automotive you can always count on a wide selection of tires at the lowest prices in town.

We offer car tires, light truck tires, SUV tires, and performance tires, plus FREE wheel alignment, a $69.00 savings, with the purchase of your tires.

Our wide array of major tire brands includes GoodYear, Firestone, BF Goodrich, and more.

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The Importance Of Balanced Tires

Tire balance is all about the distribution of mass within your auto's tire and/or the wheel to which it is attached.

A properly balanced tire will not wobble, but if unbalanced it can disturb your ride by creating vibrations, usually increasing with  speed. This can be prevented.

Tires are first inspected for imbalance at the factory, and when fitted to wheels at our shop, they are measured again, and correction weights applied to counteract the combined effect of the tire & wheel.

Proper tire balance & wheel alignment are critical for safety and the comfort of your ride. Leave it to the experts at Elsinore Automotive to do it right!
Accurate Wheel Alignment A Must

Tire balance is all about the distribution of mass

Wheel alignment is important for even wear of your tires. Proper alignment ensures your vehicle travels straight (without "pulling" to one side) and can reduce tire wear, saving you money.

Elsinore Automotive's alignment tower (above) uses precision reflectors and LEDs, plus four computerized camera units to calculate exact alignment per your car maker's specifications.

Remember, when you purchase tires from Elsinore Automotive, you SAVE $69.00 with FREE wheel alignment.

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